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ProFormance hockey Stick Wax (Stik Grip)

Apply this heat-activated wax over a layer of PF Performance Base on the handle for a firm stiff grip. No residue on gloves

PF Stik Grip is a specially formulated wax for use on the handle of the hockey stick. This wax is heat-activated; meaning that it will not be tacky when applied but will increase in tackiness when heat is applied (gloves touching). Because of this wax’s unique properties no residue is left on gloves.

PF Hockey Stick Grip should be applied over a layer of PF Performance Base on the handle in order to provide players with a firm stiff grip. With the extra grip players can improve their stick handling.

PF Stik Grip is popular among goalies as it provides extra grip for stick saves and poke checks.

  • Heat-activated
  • Leaves no residue on gloves
  • Improves stick-handling
  • Provides firm stiff grip
  • Smooth even application
  • Use on handle
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